International Prayer Summit 2019

Brooklyn, New York


A Cry For Our Children

This I.P.S. we would be covering and shielding the direction and growth of our children; we know they are the Lord’s heritage. Our theme is “A CRY FOR OUR CHILDREN”! But we don’t stop there. ALL prayer requests would be at this altar. Prepare your heart and mind to receive a word from our host pastors Dr. Peter Bonadie and Pastor Shelly-Ann Bonadie, along with some powerful guest speakers, Apostle John Eckhardt, Dr. David Ireland, and Apostle Justice Dlamini.

Meeting times for International Prayer Summit 2019 are:
Friday, January 18, 7:30 PM,
Saturday, January 19, 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday, January 20, 10:00AM – 8:00PM

This year our meetings would be held at
PacPlex located at 1500 Paerdegat Ave. North
Brooklyn, NY 11236
For more information please call 1-800-972-1415 or visit us at

Each year lives are transformed and a number of reports are received on financial breakthroughs, total healing, the birth of new businesses and tremendous blessings.

In 1996 after a season of prayer and intercession the vision to give birth to KLM, located in Brooklyn, New York became evident and this great work began.  As the work progressed, Dr. Bonadie trained and raised up intercessors near and abroad. As prayer became a central focus for this house, a consecutive season of deliberate prayer emerged as 48 Hours of Prayer; now one of KLM’s hallmark.  This is an incredible way to begin a new year, on your knees, as Dr. Bonadie and his team seek to train and partner with intercessors from around the world. KLM’s International Prayer Summit is known globally! Make sure you REGISTER!